Milan Heiskanen

Picture: Samira Kuisma-Kainulainen

Milan Heiskanen (born in 1994) started playing the piano at the age of 5 as a student of Virve Räisänen at The Sea Lapland Music Institute. There, he completed the comprehensive curriculum of the music institute.

In 2014, Heiskanen moved on to pursue professional piano studies at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, specializing in performing arts. He was taught by professors Tuija Hakkila, Anna Kuvaja, Ilmo Ranta, and Hanna Aho-Oikkonen. Additionally, he has participated in several masterclasses with teachers such as Eero Heinonen, Malcolm Bilson, Henri Sigfridsson, Hortense Cartier-Bresson, Stefan Arnold, and Natacha Kudritskaya. Heiskanen graduated with a Master’s degree in music in the summer of 2021. Currently, he works as a chamber piano lecturer at Keski-Pohjanmaan Konservatorio and performs concerts in Finland.

Milan is an impulsive, emotionally sensitive, and energetic musician. He has received praise for his profound interpretations and virtuosic playing. In addition to solo piano, he is actively involved in lied and chamber music.

Heiskanen’s studies and work have been supported by Lapland Cultural Foundation, Jorma Koivunen Foundation, Kemi 2000 Cultural and Science Foundation, and the Foundation of the Sibelius Academy.

Milan Heiskanen will be performing in the concert “Paris – London – New York” at Torstila Manor on July 29th at 19:00.