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May the road meet you – Hymns and songs

MIKKO PERKOLA, viola da gamba

Time: 20:00 Joroisten kappeli

Kotkatlahdentie 72, Joroinen

The concert will feature hymns and songs from the 1500s to the present day. Beautiful melodies and comforting texts are enhanced by the soulful sound of the viola da gamba. Gambist Mikko Perkola creates a timeless atmosphere with improvisations, which are also layered with effects. Annamaria Hannonen’s tranquil singing voice completes the moment where time stands still.

Centuries change, but the basics remain. “My unique emotions are not bound by place or time. They are connected to humanity; they are common, but their universality does not diminish their uniqueness,” says Hannonen, describing her relationship with these songs. “The nurturing nature of these hymn texts and melodies also stems from hundreds of years of hymn tradition and their cross-generational significance in the destinies of different people and nations.” As gambist Mikko Perkola says, the songs are comforting because they show that we are not alone in our feelings and experiences.

Our concert has been described as a journey that takes you somewhere far away, into a river of deep emotions. “I would be ready to talk about mastery, brilliant interpretation, life and quality of sound. The duo itself worked like a dream, both artists understood each other. Perkola’s arrangements and improvisations were second to none. An immortal experience!” (Morning Post 4.3.2019)

Since 2018, the duo Annamaria Hannonen & Mikko Perkola have been performing in their own unique style. The gamba improvisation creates a unique moment where the songs seamlessly follow each other. Annamaria Hannonen’s restful singing voice complements the soundscape of the swamps in an almost gamba-like way, with Mikko Perkola’s beautiful singing voice occasionally joining in.

The concert will be held in Joroinen Chapel. Doors open at 19.30.

Duration: 75 min. / no interval
Price: 25 €

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