Joroinen Music Festival

Lied and chamber music concerts held in atmospheric manor houses and grand churches have been at the heart of the Joroinen Music Festival since 1977. In Central Savo, the festival spreads over four locations, including gems of art music, concerts for children and diverse events. The festival is held annually at the turn of July and August.

Joroinen Music Association

The Joroinen Music Association was founded in 1980 to support the organisation of Joroinen Music Festival. The board of the association meets regularly throughout the year. You can become a member of the music association. As a member, you support our activity and receive benefits. In our member letters, we provide up-to-date information about the festival and the activities of the association. Members are also granted a discount on concert tickets. In 2022, the membership fee was 35 €. The membership fee for 2023 will be decided at the annual meeting during the first half of the year. Contact us about membership:

During the festival, a small organization is assisted by a large number of volunteers. The volunteers work as ticket sellers, guides and performer assistants. Contact us during January – March if you are interested in volunteering:

Playing cultural stories -project

“Playing cultural stories” is a regional development project. The project explores how the image of Joroinen Music Festival, which is based on the manor history of Joroinen, can be expanded to cover the historical cultural heritage of the festivals’ operating area. In this way, the project also adds value to the cultural reputation and tourism image of the municipalities participating the festival.

Historical information about the estates, other significant sites and local history of the area in general will be collected. The collected material is used to edit e.g. stories, pictures and podcasts. The storytelling of historical information also covers the development paths of localities and the events that characterize them.

Storytelling is carried out in various forms for the use of the festival and communication. The collection of information serves not only the Joroinen Music Festival, but also municipalities, entrepreneurs and tourism operators. The project creates networks between different art forms and operators. During the project, cooperation will be carried out with schools, for which stories that reflect the history of the area are also suitable.

The duration of the project is from 1st February 2022 to 31st December 2024.