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Joroinen Music Festival Market Event



Time: 09:00 Joroisten tori


The Joroinen Music Festival market event is renewed – welcome to  a meeting place for culture, local people and summer residents!

We will make the market beautiful and invite local craftsmen and artists to sell and present their products. There will also be local delicacies on offer. The market opens at 9 am and the performances start at 11 am, giving you plenty of time to shop, sip coffee, chat with friends and meet the music festival crowd. In conjunction with the market, there will be a national costume airing in Joroinen together with the parish of Joroinen! So we encourage you to wear your own or borrowed national costume when you arrive at the event.

The programme includes singing together and a children’s performance of the story of Hansel and Gretel.

Duration: 4 h
Price: 0 €

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